Thursday, 24 October 2013

Busy Bee

This week was a very productive week, thanks to Hubby for cooking all the meals. I completed a new cross pattern that I for so long wanted to do and a new double sided pendant. Two beautiful designs that work up quick. The Karen Pendant ( named after my good friend Karen Hughes) is a double sided pendant and can double up as an eye catching Christmas ornament too! The Clementine Cross is now my flavor of the day - it is so beautiful and elegant, not too big and lightweight around my neck. I am wearing it all the time.
If all goes to plan, both patterns to be listed before Saturday.
I really tried to use beads and crystals that we all have in our bead stash. Both patterns use just a few grams of beads and you can easily get rid of those left over beads in both these projects.
Oh, yes the cross is double sided too.

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