Saturday, 3 July 2010

Thank you!

Heather Collin,Me and Gerlinde Fromont - at the Craft Show - we signed a lot of books today... and we enjoyed it. I am sure we'll do this again! Thanks to all the ladies and gentlemen who bought the book today, and the positive feedback. Much appreciated by us. Thanks to Michelle, her mom and Lisa, who worked so hard behind the scenes and today at the show too. Thanks to our dear friends that came to support us. And dear Dawn - thank you for the muffin, I needed it. On our way back home, we missed the turn-off to the free way, and had to manage our way through Johannesburg - where soccer fever were very high, but we made it safely back.
Must tell you something interesting that we also saw - a traditional beader that wore her beautiful traditional jewellery, even her clothing were traditional - adorned with beads - all made with the Pondo stitch - and believe it or not - the tubular bracelet that we admired had animal skin inside to keep the round shape in tact.She also bought the book!Well, enough said for today - I am so tired, but so happy.