Sunday, 20 November 2016

Inspirational Bead Artist for November

It is my great pleasure to introduce Phyllis Dintenfass to you.  What a talented lady! Phyllis sparked my interest in geometrical bead designs.  Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
 Starman TrendSetter for the year (August 2014-1015) Beadsmith Inspiration Squad (October 2015 -   ) 

 Bead weaving, with all its intricacies, has become my creative obsession. While traveling in Africa, Europe, and throughout the United States, I have always looked for examples of beadwork as adornment. I am committed to carrying on those traditions. The endless array of colors, shapes, and sizes of beads allows me to experiment with new techniques and combinations, so that each piece is unique. My jewelry takes into account color, composition and ease of wearing. Beads are a passion I'm lucky to have. 


I have been designing beaded jewelry for nearly 40 years. After years of stringing “big beads,” I became addicted to working with seed beads when I found out I could thread the tiny eye of a needle.  I'm fascinated with the many off-loom bead weaving techniques.  My work has sold in galleries and to private individuals in this country and abroad.  
I most like to design custom pieces for clients, so I welcome commissioned pieces. If you are interested,Since retiring from a career in education, I have concentrated my efforts on teaching beadwork and designing patterns.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Inspirational Bead Artist

It is my privilege to introduce Paula Adams, an exceptionally talented bead artist. My obsession with Christmas is well known and well published. Now  I can put some blame on Paula's doorstep!  From the first time I saw her ornaments, I just had to have them and bead them.  Just look at this amazing Christmas tree. 

My own collection of ornaments is not nearly as vast as Paula's, but I am working towards it with a long term plan.  My collection will go to my future grand children and I am well ahead  on my way at beading up four sets of ornaments, consisting of twelve ornaments each, for my (future)  four grand kids (I am going to be in big trouble when my two sons father more children)


The tutorials taught me a considerable amount of  peyote stitch techniques.  The patterns are  well written and easy to follow. If you have not yet tried one, do not wait.  I chose October to showcase Paula's talent to give you more than ample time to bead up at least one of her exquisite ornaments for this years tree

Patterns can be viewed and purchased at

 Here is Paula's biography in her own words. 
 Let me introduce to you - Paula Adams

I was introduced to beading almost 30 years ago by my office mate and still best friend, Sharon
Shannon. It immediately became my passion. I started teaching within two years and continued until
2005 when I put up my first website. While I was teaching I wrote and published three small books
which are now out of print and no longer available. I have redone most of the patterns with lots and
lots of color picture. I love the design process and I usually visualize the piece from the inside out on the more complicated designs.
My designs have changed over the years from jewelry to Christmas ornaments. My students kept asking
for more and more ornaments. At one point I had about 350 ornaments for my tree. (They wouldn’t all fit.) I still love to design and make ornaments.
On a personal note, I have lived in New Mexico or most of my life and retired almost four years ago. I am
the proud mother of twin sons. When I lost my son, Dale, five years ago, beading kept me sane. I don’t
know what I would have done without it. I also live with my three very spoiled Chihuahuas (two long
hair and one short hair). Lilly, Abby, and Peanut keep me entertained. I just love them.
Thank you Paula for all the hours and hours of joy your patterns gave and still gives me.  I really appreciate a talent like yours and please do not stop. What a joy to know you!

 Bead weaving is therapy for the creative soul and can heal and mend a lot of pain outsiders do not always see or understand. Some info that you might be interested in, the talent runs in the family. There is a sister Robi-Lynn  that also produces beautiful ornamental patterns. ( 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Chenille Flower Bracelet

The Chenille Flower Bracelet Pattern now available at
This is such a beautiful bracelet with its own clasp.  Yes, the flower is the clasp.
The pattern is written step by step with detailed illustrations, and I have added photos to about every step this time. Even a beginner can create this bracelet!  Twelve pages to print.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Inspirational Beadweaving

Maggie Meister of Amphora Designs  is my September 2016 Inspirational Bead Weave Artist. We all have our own signature style and I found that we tend to lean towards other artists that fit your own style.  Maggie's work speaks to me.  From her choice of color and her style of beading to her love for two drop peyote stitching and the 3D designs. Her deep interest in history is showcased in every design.  Just by reading the description of a piece is a history lesson on its own. I can smell Italy and ancient times gone by, by just looking at her designs.

Maggie's work is regularly  published in various international magazines and she is highly regarded as an artist to be respected.  She teaches all over the world  and her bead inspired tours of Italy, well known.
What I love about Maggie's work is it is functional and wearable.  I personally worked up a few bracelets and they are amazingly beautiful and comfortable to wear. Her interesting use of shaped lines, that no one else ever dared to tackle, makes the designs priceless.  She transforms difficult forms and shapes made with mosaics into a bead design. 

Background   by Maggie

The love of ancient history, color and patterns have followed me throughout my life and my designs have come to fruition during the time my family and I lived in Italy. In looking back, beads have always been a part of my life – from playing with Mardi Gras beads or collecting semi-precious stones as a young girl to my love of ancient and ethnic jewelry as I became older. Today seed beads have become the medium I use to translate my sources of inspiration into personal designs for adornment.
When living in Naples, Italy, I was surrounded by ancient history. The fragments of Roman columns, mosaics and frescoes are my inspiration and I am grateful for those “ancient voices”. Translating these voices into designs fills my days with joy and wonder and I cherish my “connection” with the past. Teaching and beading are ways for me to share this wonderful experience and bring those voices of the past into the present.

Visit her website to get to know this inspirational artist.

 Thank you Maggie, for your valuable contribution towards our craft.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Inspirational Bead Artist

I want to honor one of  my most favorite inspirational bead weaving artists.  Eva Maria Keiser is well known throughout the world for her exceptional designs and use of color in her designs. Her passion to  architect  structural bead work designs, leaves me in awe time and again. The detail added in layering beads makes her designs one of a kind. Bead&Button, Perlen Poesie and Muses magazines are just a few in which her work was published.  

    "When I'm not beading...I'm sleeping."
    -Eva Maria Keiser

     Eva shares a vast collection of well written tutorials for free.  
    Years ago, when I fell in love with the art of seed bead weaving, her work was  and still is today, very inspirational to me. The dedication to the bead world is carried on through her daily inspirational quotes, ideas on the use of color and the artisan tutorials, to introduce us to new and upcoming artists
    Eva Maria Keiser, thank you for your unselfish love for beads. You are an amazingly talented  artist

    Sunday, 7 August 2016

    Illustration Sunday, I need to complete long overdue projects to be published in my Etsy store.

    Saturday, 6 August 2016

    New design

    Playing around with a new pattern. I decided to work with the bright colored beads. Who needs dull looking projects!

    Tuesday, 2 August 2016

    August news


    Tuesday, 12 July 2016

    Christmas Ornament

    I completed Ricki's Top Christmas Ornament, designed by Paula Adams. By now, everybody knows that I absolutely love her patterns. It is always such a joy to work on the ornaments, as the patterns are well written and the end result fantastic.
    My collection is growing and the second Ricki's Top is halfway. I purchased most of her Christmas ornament patterns and completed sixteen ornaments throughout the years. There will be many more to come in the future

    Wednesday, 6 July 2016

    Chenille Bracelet Pattern

    Chenille Bracelet Pattern
    Basic knowledge of peyote stitch required. This is a tutorial and if you have never done Chenille stitch, now is the time to learn.
    Six pages to print. Easy to follow step by step written instructions with full color graphic illustrations and photos
    Technique: Chenille stitch
    Length: 18.5 cm without clasp
    20 cm with clasp

    Friday, 10 June 2016

    Wednesday, 8 June 2016

    Jabulani Necklace Design Idea

    I used the Gertrude Pendant Pattern to create the Jabulani Necklace. Be creative in your thoughts
    Available in  my Etsy Store

    Friday, 15 April 2016

    Beaded Bead Peyote Stitch Pattern

    Weekend Special available at
    The Isigubhu beaded bead is the ideal project to get rid of all those left over beads.

    Friday, 19 February 2016

    Square Diamonds Bracelet

    This bracelet was part of my Master the Right Angle Weave Stitch Program.  The students 
    used the basic pattern and created their own versions. It was a lot of fun, so get out your 
    beads and start this easy -to-follow pattern and glam up your wrist. The rustic colors I used 
    can be worn with jeans or your little black dress. This is really a versatile bracelet. Play 
    around and replace the two hole pearls with the new series of two hole Czech beads now 
    Beginner project with four pages to print

    Wednesday, 3 February 2016

    Starlight Pendant
    It is such a pleasure to work with the Miyuki Half Tila beads. They are so versatile and beautiful. I prefer the half tilas to the full size Tila beads. The patterns are available at my Etsy Store.