Monday, 8 August 2016

Inspirational Bead Artist

I want to honor one of  my most favorite inspirational bead weaving artists.  Eva Maria Keiser is well known throughout the world for her exceptional designs and use of color in her designs. Her passion to  architect  structural bead work designs, leaves me in awe time and again. The detail added in layering beads makes her designs one of a kind. Bead&Button, Perlen Poesie and Muses magazines are just a few in which her work was published.  

    "When I'm not beading...I'm sleeping."
    -Eva Maria Keiser

     Eva shares a vast collection of well written tutorials for free.  
    Years ago, when I fell in love with the art of seed bead weaving, her work was  and still is today, very inspirational to me. The dedication to the bead world is carried on through her daily inspirational quotes, ideas on the use of color and the artisan tutorials, to introduce us to new and upcoming artists
    Eva Maria Keiser, thank you for your unselfish love for beads. You are an amazingly talented  artist

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    1. Thank you Riana Olckers for the honor of featuring my bead art. I appreciate it :)
      -Eva Maria