Friday, 19 June 2009

The Grumpy Secretary

Lulu Bootha, my unofficial secretary, had been ill this week. Very grumpy and fussy, but this morning she is much better. She is actually my son's dog, but adopted me as her one and only mother.
She is a Bull Terrier and is very lovable. Lulu can't be in my office with clients or pupils, she dislikes it when they sit on my chairs or even want to have a conversation with me, so she sits outside and pray to doggy heaven, that the people should leave mommy's office as soon as possible, so that she can come inside and sit on the chair. Very inquisitive and the reason why I had been on my hands and knees more often than not, when she pushed my bead tray off my desk. And, as you beading fanatics will understand, the expensive beads will have to be picked up.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely dog...She is a beauty :-) I like dogs with character as it makes communication with them more alive and intresting...You wrote about her so vivid that it seems like i know your dog :-) Hope she will recover soonest possible :-)