Saturday, 21 January 2017

Our December Bead Retreat

This past December we enjoyed our bead retreat to the fullest.  You can see the table before we arrived and  below you can see what the table looked like  after we unpacked our beads and treats. For us the treats are just as important as the beads - you must remember, that we need to keep not only our hands fit and supple, but also our jaws. 

Once the table inside became too cramped, we moved the surplus bead stash to the big table outside on the patio.

We did make time to enjoy nature and this year even had time to go and do Christmas shopping in Parys.  Please note not Paris,  but Parys in the good old Free State.  Beautiful and very interesting shops  can be found in that little town. 
There were some sheep herding too, accompanied with lots of laughter and I must admit, I was only and onlooker.

As can be seen on the photo, these girls cannot only bead, they are excellent  chefs too! The food was amazing as usual and very healthy too. 
Cynthia treated us each to a special foot massage and I thought I died and went to heaven.
The weekend was so much fun, we even extended it with an extra  day.  Dawn, we missed you.

Thank you Elize, Cynthia and Margie - you are more than just my bead sisters! Love you, bead gals.

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