Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Isigubhu Beaded Bead

 The Isigubhu beaded bead is the ideal project to get rid of all those
 left over beads.  Create a spectacular beaded bead in a variety of colors
 Isigubhu means traditional Zulu drum - the finished project resembles the
 traditional drum that is part of the traditional Zulu ceremonies.
 This project is for a round beaded bead Peyote Stitched
over a 14mm wooden core bead. It is an Intermediate Level
project. You should have a working knowledge of Circular
Peyote Stitch.
You will combine several types and sizes of seed beads to
create your pattern.
Step by step instructions with detailed illustrations and clear
 photos to guide you
Eight pages to print.

Seed beads 15 o, 11 o. 8 o
4 mm bi cones
 Available at


  • The isigubhu is a Zulu drum. The isigubhu is made out of a used oil drum, wrapped with ox hide known as isikhumba. Before each performance, the drum is set out in the sun, which makes the ox hide tautly stretched. This produces a sharp, resonant sound. The drum is frequently used in  dancing, , accompanied with clapping blocks of wood and singing.

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