Friday, 28 March 2014

The never ending story/necklace

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Sometimes I can still surprise myself. Years ago I entered an international competition with this necklace and even though  only chosen as a finalist was a big enough ego trip for me, as I then still considered myself a beginner just getting into seed bead weaving (Still cannot believe that I ever could consider this as something to be exhibited in the USA). Well, it was exhibited along with some of my other monstrosities of the time. Looking back on this event, my self confidence was much higher those years, than what it is today! Believe it or not - this necklace was made using herringbone, peyote, free form peyote and netting stitch all combined to create this loooooong tube, which I twisted and knotted and then added embellishments  onto. This creation is one of those once in a lifetime projects and a pattern would be impossible to write - the biggest nightmare would be to try and do an illustration on that darn knots.
Luckily, you can find my patterns on Etsy - the ones that I could pen down on paper.

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