Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I am sure most of you wonder what does that mean. It means centipede in Zulu. To name my latest design was a bit of a challenge and after leaving it overnight, the next morning it look like a worm to me me. Not that a worm and a centipede have a lot in common - one has a hell of a lot of legs and the other one less.But this name just sounded so nice on the tongue. And when I post the photos I do hope that it would be beautiful to you. It is a right angle weave design, supple and as usual I was busy with something very different when this idea for a bracelet crept in.
Luckily the original idea  and design I did finish and you can have a peek later on this week.
Watch out for The Highlander, Shongololo and a yet to be named pendant and necklace.
Also found a few finished designs in that infamous - "Unfinished Project" box of mine, sadly I wrote the patterns as cryptic as you do not want a pattern to be written, especially when you made it a few years back, my memory is not what it used to be.
And more good news - I will post the bigger version for my Rani's Cross early next week.
Have a nice evening you all

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