Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Marcia DeCoster Presents

Many moons ago when I started beading I never ever dreamed that I would publish a design or even for that matter write a pattern, do the illustrations and get people to buy it. Now, after many published projects , I am so grateful to still feel exited about a new project. To share my passion for beading, specifically seed bead weaving with other well known artists is such an honor. 
Thank you so much Marcia!
Marcia and I come a long way back and my admiration for her designs will never cease as she makes right angle weave so easy.
The design below is an older pattern that would be posted on My Etsy at a later stage. The original necklace was sold to a collector in Namibia 

Available from 
"Beading superstar Marcia DeCoster hosts Lark's second Spotlight on Beading collection, featuring 30 international artists ranging from celebrities in the field to exciting up-and-comers. In addition to offering examples of their best work, the beaders discuss their inspirations and techniques, and chat with Marcia about how they discovered their muses and styles. Gorgeous color photos showcase several pieces from each contributor."

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