Friday, 20 September 2013

Lupe De Lup - Coming soon

One of my all time favorite designs I did many moons ago. Decided it was time to be dusted off and publish it for you to enjoy too! Taught it to all my students and for many years it was one of their favorite classes.


  1. Hi:
    All in all-sounds a little bitter,but these are ups and downs of the all designers in the world.If You play fair,others are not and this way the world goes round.
    You have mentioned all the 'roles' You have to play,working as a designer-I can admit,I know this from my ground for so well.The only difference is-I do not sell my patterns and respond to everyone,who needs them 'bad',that I make my designs spontaneously and even for me would be very hard to repeat my own patterns.I enclose so detailed photos,that are 'easy to read' for one,who calls himself/herself an experienced beader.It is hard to ban someone making the copies of our patterns 'somewhere in the world',this is the matter of people's own responsibility and well being,as well as the restriction of the copyright laws.However,if the event happens,is certainly hard to complain.
    This,which I really hate is hundreds of people from 'Pinterest'coming to my blog-mostly at night,from all of the world(my counter says so!),taking my photos without any asking for my permission and afterwards I can see lots of my photos in their 'Pinterest' collections-i.e.'as a pattern they would like to make!. I cannot help this-many of us do not even know,that the photos from their blogs have been 'stolen' this way.I know,they are all linked and my blog is popularised this way,but maybe I do not wish that?Nobody asks me for linking my blog on Facebook,where I do not have any account...Life is unfair...and what has been left? Only to agree to this,but I would prefer to have some nice comments here,on Blogger instead.
    All the Best and Happy Beading to You from Sweden-Halinka-

    1. Halinka, you are so right. But to complain sometimes makes me feel better. You must have a wonderful weekend and keep well. Riana