Monday, 29 October 2012

Parys Bead Weekend


We arrived in drips and drops on Friday afternoon, some girls still had to work!What a spectacular setting awaited us! Set right on the banks of the beautiful Vaal River, Carlize welcomed the guests with open arms.We explored the countryside and had a moment of rest in the chapel. Friday evening we spent getting to know one another and Judy had us roaring with laughter with her jokes. The other girls also thrown in good ones. On Saturday morning, I awoke with the twitter of laughter in my ears, at six 0'clock, as the eager  beaders were  ready to take on their projects after breakfast. We bead through out the day, only stopped for tea and lunch. Even a severe rainstorm, accompanied by hail - and the occasional power failure, could not halt these girls.We moved from the lapa outside to the dining room table inside and back again. Eventually there were chaos with bead stock all over. But still, we were organised to the T. After supper we continued and some even tried to bead by the flicker of candlelight. The gods smiled upon them, when the electricity came on soon after.On Sunday morning the sun was shining bright and we started at eight and finished the African Diamond Ornament in time to enjoy once again the outstanding cuisine, our host Elize Serrao prepared for us. She even completed both her projects and did all the food preparation - she is one hands on girl and so relaxed.

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  1. Please let me know when you do this again. I would love to come if I can juggle my life around.