Monday, 17 September 2012

To sell or not to sell?

I am sure many of my fellow designers had a difficult customer or two.
At first I thought of just ignoring this issue, but then I decided, if I leave it, nobody else will have my side of the story.Please note: I have so much empathy for the buyer - we all know when you buy something you look forward receiving it, and the let down when you do not get your package is bad.
Well, I had been lucky throughout the years, until now. And if I had too be blamed for a book that was not delivered by the fault of the UPS, then be it. But what really upsets me the most of all, is that this person is trying to blackmail me, for not giving me a "bad" rating at my Etsy store. I re posted, at my own cost, a book to her. She wanted a free pattern, and I ignored the request. Thank you all loyal and satisfied customers. To analyse my personality you need to know me in person, even if you are a "mind reader". Perhaps a psychological assessment was made based on my photo.
I am a good, honest and reliable trader earning my bread and butter by selling my designs, and I am not going to tarnish my name and reputaion for a mere $22. The truth of the matter is, that I would have tried to compensate for the discomfort for not receiving what was expected, but the old saying " You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar" applies both ways
Ask the customers who contact me regularly to request a pdf pattern when they deleted the original one. Please bear in mind, I live in South Afica - the time difference is about six hours and I do go away on the occasional weekend. My laptop and Blackberry are sometimes out of reach.
This episode just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I order products and books regularly from the USA. Also waited up to six week for a delivery. Books dissapeared and I was content to wait for the next book posted to me.
Tomorrow I shall send her the patterns (published in the book) that I have on pdf file.

The last two messages; (The first request was send on 6th Sept, and I immediately started to search for the book. The SAPO advised me, to wait another few days, before we could take action, as the book was still mobile and delivery was scheduled any day from that particular day.Between me and the buyer , we exchanged ten convos.)

ME:the second book tracking nr. : RJ 004 ............., posted this morning. I am positive that you'll receive it this time. The other girls waited between nine and sixteen days before delivery. Please contact me after day ten again, so that I know whether you received it.

Byer: Riana, I must say that I am very disappointed regarding how you have handled this. I ordered this book on August 21st;. It has taken you until September 18th to send a new book, yet you state that others received their books between nine and sixteen days after ordering-that would place us at September 6th at the latest when I would have received the book. That leaves another twelve days before you sent another book.
Additionally, you never answwered my question about sending a complimentary pdf of the Noor pendant. I have a responsibility to let other Etsy customers know about good as well as bad service. 


  1. Just give it up my friend. It's a very very bad buyer. We all have already faced a non delivery. You don't have to send her a free pattern to thank her for her kindness!!! I know that you are a very kind woman and all your friends know it also.
    And we all have already faced this kinda person...
    Just don't give her any importance and ignore. You've provided tracking number, she just have to wait and you should block her as a buyer on Etsy. That's it !!! Hugs to you Riana <3

  2. I have both bought from out of country and mailed packages out of country. The delivery time can be very unpredictable. I don't think it was unreasonable of you to wait until Sept. 18 before posting a new book. So now, she will have both the book and the PDFs? I don't think you owe her anything else. Maybe you could offer the pattern she wants for half-price, so that you don't get left with a negative feedback? That would be up to you, but she was not very polite in her correspondence with you. I would probably be inclined to not want to send her anything for free.

  3. I do not sell to overseas buyers (am in SA too and sell only on BOB) but I have to agree that sometimes it is hard to just bite your tongue and not speak your mind. Buyers can sometimes test your patience. I agree with the other commentors, I would not give her any freebies just because of the tone of her emails. Good luck :)