Monday, 29 November 2010


I created the Sarita Necklace before my Dad passed away in 2007 and named it Sarita (Sas - my Dad) and Rita (my Mom). My Dad was so proud to have it named after him and my Mom.   The two people, besides my dear husband, that supported me in every venture throughout my life. I so wish he could see this project published - to you Daddy! How I miss you today - you would have seen the magazine before anyone else1


  1. What a beautiful story in the backround of the necklace. I´m sure, your father would be very proud of you!!!!
    Congratulation for publishing! Sarita is very beautiful!!!!

  2. Beautiful necklace and most sentimental story! Congratulations on your publication!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  4. I love this elegant necklace, since I saw it
    in the Beadwork journal. It stands
    on my very long to-do-liste. And now I read the story of its origin, deeply moving!
    I wish you happy holidays, good luck and
    many,new jewelry-design-ideas for the coming year.
    Kind regards:
    Uli Jez, Lower-Austria

  5. I love this necklace and would like to make it for myself, but was wondering if you would mind providing the seed bead and fire-polish product numbers so I can make it as close to the original as possible. The magazine only lists the description. Thanks.

  6. All the seed beads - Toho, cylinderbeads - Miyuki/Delicas. Unfortunately, I do not have the matching nrs of the beads/crystals.

  7. I really love this beautiful necklace. I'm going to start making it soon. The colours are lovely, as always in your work. I think your work is unique, I can recognise it among other jewellery. There is something unique, the design, the colours...I have been wondering about the title, Sari and Sarita being Finnish female names and myself being of Finnish origin.Now I know the touching story behind it.I will always treasure my necklace as a truly special piece of jewellery, remembering the story behind it. Anna from Stockholm