Monday, 21 June 2010

Advance Bead Clutter

I call this Advance Bead Clutter. My lounge was turned into my bead studio, because we are experiencing an extreme chilly winter(my studio is made for sunny days)But it did not help, as I had to run to the studio(every ten minutes) to get more beads, then crystals, then a different colour thread, blah blah. At least I did some exercise with my legs too.Perhaps I mentioned it previously but three of us bead craze girls are doing a book with Michelle(BeadBook) - the book is called Advanced Beading. Well, this weekend we received the feedback from the readers who tested it - and had to do some touch ups and touch downs on the patterns, and I decided to quickly?? test and remake ALL four my projects , just to be extra sure nothing had been left out. Eureka, I am done. Now, ready for the next book.
(The tioletpaper on the table is the tell tale of my horrible cold)

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