Sunday, 12 July 2009

Seed beads?Why why why?

Marcia De Coster asked us to explain why we love seed beads. The questions of eye sight, how long and my patience are well known to me. I taught my Master Peyote II Group yesterday and it was the ideal time to ask all the bead lovers why they prefer seeds. Pat said she loves to touch them and to just look at them, Barbara agreed and admitted the buys them, just to have them all, and me, well ,you all know my bead stash. Should I say anymore. I love that little objects so much, that I'd rather wear old clothing than be without the latest colours of seed beads. But most important of all, is what we can create with an ordinary little glass bead, a needle and a piece of thread. My creativity blooms when I have it between my fingers - and I can do it anywhere, you just need a bead tray and you can be arty and crafty. It is also a wonderful way to relief stress - most of the girls in my classes have very stressful day jobs. Throughout the years I have travelled the world and have met a lot of new friends - all because of a tiny seed bead. The photos show some of the work done by my students - most of them are today very good teachers themselves, bringing joy to others by means of a seed bead. Yesterday we also discussed the fact that we think beading releases something in your brain, that forces you to stay loyal for a lifetime. Believe it or not - even my Char is now beading - staying in during the afternoons to bead. The best is that I laugh a lot more, because I hear the best jokes in Gauteng!Thanks girls I love you all!!

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